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The GROW Journal is your tool to foster important life skills that help your children develop a positive mindset, the ability to navigate life's challenges with confidence, and live happy and fulfilling lives. 

The GROW Journal includes:

  • Activities that build kindness, empathy and gratitude   
  • Lists of positive affirmations to create positive and self-affirming thought patterns and healthy self-esteem 
  • Conversation starters (quick questions) full of inspiration to get kids talking with you about how they feel, what they think, and what they like 
  • Mindfulness activities for kids that foster the development of self-regulation and quiet time
  • Lots of opportunities to connect, be active, learn new things, gain self-awareness and help others – five things that improve overall wellbeing
  • Questions that get kids thinking about their thoughts, feelings and emotions in a positive way, and challenging any negative thoughts
  • Uplifting gratitude quotes, optimism quotes and kindness quotes for kids
  • A set of GROW stickers to personalise each journal
  • Different content on every double page spread


  • A5 cover, soft PU leather
  • 120gsm internal pages (pencil, crayon and texta/marker friendly)
  • Comes with a set of GROW stickers to personalise each journal
  • High quality binding that opens flat to make it easy to use
  • Page divider ribbon and elastic bookmark