By IOco
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Bondi Bag, by IOco, is the most gorgeous beach bag on the market! The Weekender is big enough for towels, sunscreen, and even a beach bucket. The hardest decision you will have is the colour to choose.
Made from Bio-based EVA, the Bondi Bag is durable, stylish, washable, and perfect for your next adventure! 
Bondi Bags are one of the most versatile & durable bags you will ever own. Incredibly roomy, you can fit just about everything!
Designed with a unique tread on the base to give each bag more stability so they won't tip over.
  • Material: Bio-based EVA
  • Length: 46cm
  • Width: 23cm
  • Height: 34cm
  • Weight: 1050 gram
Day Tripper
  • Material: Bio-based EVA
  • Length: 37cm
  • Width: 14cm
  • Height: 34cm
  • Weight: 950 grams
Care Recommendations: Wash your Bondi Bag with mild soapy water and wipe it down with a soft cloth.
Handles: If the straps on your Bondi Bag get a little turned around, just swivel the handle on one side until the bend straightens
Reshaping your Bag: Extreme heat may cause your bag to warp, so we recommend that you don't leave your Bondi Bag in your car for extended periods of time. If your Bondi Bag does change shape, you can heat it gently with hot water or a warm hair dryer to re-mold it. We don't recommend storing heavy items on top of your bag.