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Wineries across the globe now regularly engage leading architects to create extraordinary, original constructions that complement the winemaking and tasting experiences.

In Europe, world-renowned studios have rejuvenated winery and cellar-door architecture for some of the biggest names in the wine industry. Among almost 1,000 cellar doors situated across the many wine regions in Australia, the 40 projects featured in this book each demonstrate a uniqueness in their approach to their design visions, and serve to inform and illustrate the exciting new direction in Australian winery architecture.

This book delves into how each wine destination and wine-tasting experience has been enhanced, where winemakers, owners, architects and designers provide personal insights, perspectives and individual stories. Find out what inspired their designs and how they worked together to create and celebrate the collaboration of wine and design.

About the Author

A direct descendant of Jacob's Creek founder Johann Gramp, Alison Weavers (née Roennfeldt) is an architect with a career spanning 25 years in studios in Hong Kong, London and Sydney. Alison's passion for architecture and wine has taken her to numerous wineries around the world, from Bordeaux to Napa Valley, where she is as likely to admire the architecture of the venue as the wine in her glass.

She is particularly appreciative of how Australian winery design has evolved to create beautiful environments that complement and enhance the winemaking and wine-tasting processes. Alison has interviewed winery owners, winemakers, architects and designers to convey their stories about these exciting new wine destinations.