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Nguram-bang, is a Wiradjuri word meaning, Country or area.

For me ‘Country’ is all things, it is a place of belonging and a way of life. Country incorporates rivers, creeks, waterholes, hills and valleys, plants, animals, and people. Country embraces the seasons and constellations of the sky, stories, and creation spirits, which are all reflected in this artwork.

ARTIST Maria Watson-Trudgett

My paintings express my connections to my Aboriginal culture, in contemporary expressions of now! I am a proud Koori woman of the Wiradjuri people from the Central West of NSW. I am a storyteller and self- taught artist and I have been painting and exhibiting for more than a decade. Painting quietens my mind and supports me connect with my Culture, Country, and Ancestors. Painting strengthens my Aboriginal identity and creates a sense of belonging to ‘people and place’. My painting style is a contemporary fusion of abstract and Aboriginal art, using groups of symbols as a way of narrating a story and preserving cultural traditions. It is the way our people have passed on information for thousands of years

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