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Matt Hranek, author of A Man and His Watch, A Man and his Car, The Negroni, and The Martini offers a window into his life in and around his family’s home deep in the wilds of upstate New York. The book includes 100+ recipes for the meals he prepares for his family and friends, including an Anytime Frittata, Gravlax, Smoked Fish Spread, Foccacia (to go with cocktails of course), his mom’s famous meatballs, and his daughter, Clara’s, banana bread. Organized by time of day – it’s a collection of favorites, informed by his childhood as much as by his travels – simple, delicious, and meant to empower home cooks, especially men, with the ability to prep, make meals for family and friends.

In addition to the recipes, A Man & His Kitchen is filled with pro-tips and techniques from Matt and dozens of personal essays including: grilling like a pro; an ode to coffee; setting a table; how to repurpose food and use what you have in the pantry, and so much more. The book will feature stunning photographs of the recipes and the WM Brown farm.