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Get ready to tackle 2024 head-on, guided by the brilliance of this Yearly Poster Planner! Pin it up using blue tak or drawing pins and you’ll get a panoramic view of your entire year.

Whether you're a professional aiming to streamline projects, a student striving for organised excellence, or you have a big event or project to plan like a renovation, this poster planner will be your quick glance sidekick.

Measuring 850 x 497mm with 3 x 2cm daily boxes you have the space to pen your dreams, quick notes, and deadlines in a space where your year is not just organised, but brought to life.

Printed on a durable 350GSM card stock perfect for felt tip pens and highlighters with no bleeds onto your wall.

Chaos? Oh, it's officially transformed into a sea of organised chaos awesomeness!