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2024 whats your vision? Don't just dream it - pin it, believe it and let it all come true. This is the inspiration behind this illustration collab with Atelier Mave for this gorgeous linen planner cover.

Imagine a planner that's like your wise old friend, giving you a knowing nod and saying, “Hey, I get it we all have lots on - let me help you sort it out.” Not only good looking in their thick 2.5mm linen covers with gold embossed titles - they are also so functional. Encouraging you to step back and view the broader perspective of each week, it helps you break free from the daily grind.

This layout has been designed with the belief and understanding that we all juggle two major dimensions of life. It could be work and family, work and study, or family and study – whatever your duo, we've separated them so you can divide and conquer! Choose your two things and split them up so you can plan them separately. It will make referring to what’s on simpler and feel less chaotic.

Each month starts with a monthly planner and there are some extra pages for planning too. Two ribbons to hold your day and month page. Made with premium 120GSM FSC paper so your pen has a joyous experience on every page.

Remember, it's not just a planner – it's your secret weapon for turning the daily chaos into an organised, calm, ordered life where you can keep the stress at bay. Go to bed at night without overthinking about all you have on the next day - because you have left it to your trusty, reliable BFF of a sidekick planner.