Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Home

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking about getting the house ready for an exciting Australian Christmas, then you know how hard it can be to find the perfect ornaments to bring that modern Christmas décor feel to your home.

With so many options to choose from out there, it’s no surprise more and more people are beginning to scramble to find house ornaments just in time for Christmas. Thankfully, we’ve got everything you need right here to make sure your Australian Christmas decorations help to foster beautiful memories, and leave a lasting impression.

We’ve curated a list of the best Christmas tree decorations, Christmas baubles, Christmas table decorations, and Christmas room decorations, that you can get your hands on right now.

Read on to see our list of the best Christmas decorations for Australia out there right now!

Carousel Sprinkle Trees

Sprinkle Tree

Drift off into a land of sugar-dusted lollies, enchanting circus tricks and daydreams of other worlds. Carousel is perfect for your little ones - or just the spark you need to awaken your inner child. This is a beautifully enchanting Christmas living room décor option that is highly versatile, and stunning to look at.

Bring all your sprinkle dreams to life with this multi-coloured tree. Rooted in a wooden base and finished with a wooden star tree topper. Available in two sizes.



Sequin Birds

Some holiday decorations are true house ornaments – they can work anywhere to brighten up your home, not just the Christmas Tree, for the holidays.  So move over the four calling birds this Christmas season and make way for this enchanting set of eight sequin sparkle mini birds.

Each comes in its own color. They are right at home in all sorts of applications.  You can clip them to your Christmas tree, attach them to name places or napkins at your holiday table, or onto your hearth decoration. And of course, they make adorable gifts and peak perfectly out of a Christmas stocking.




We couldn’t create a list of Christmas decorations without including a Christmas tree. The Ivory Remote Enabled Wax Christmas Tree is an ever-lasting flameless candle, that helps to bring that flame-touched glow to the room, without the need to burn through expensive candles.

A perfect choice if you’re looking to cultivate a summer Christmas aesthetic in your home, and versatile enough to be used all year round.

The Christmas tree uses a 3D wick design, allowing it to look fantastic at every angle. It uses a 6-hour timer function, with a 24-hour override option, allowing you to enjoy the candlelight all night if you so choose.

The remote (sold separately) provides you with four different timer options, and three levels of brightness. The candle itself operates with the use of two AA batteries and provides up to four hundred hours of consistent use.



<img src="" alt="FLOWERBOX DIFFUSER – WHITE CEDARWOOD" width="220" height="330" />

Bring a touch of exuberant fragrance to your home with the Flowerbox White Cedar Diffuser. A simple, elegant diffuser that provides an aroma of sweet vanilla bean, with a hint of green melon, and green leaves.

Warm your home with Christmas scents of Soft Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk, Patchouli, Bergamot & Lemon Peel. A perfect way to get the house ready for Christmas, and all of the beautiful memories that will follow.

 Fragrance contained within a unique never before seen 700mL French-made glass decanter.  It has a 12-month diffusion lifespan, and is hand poured in Perth, Western Australia.




This is just about one of the most Australian things we’ve found this season.  Top your Christmas tree this year with an adorable, yellow-crested cockatoo. Standing at 25 cm tall, this woolen ornament will have your topping your tree differently than anyone else.

Bring the feeling of the great outdoors into your home, and yet the white cockatoo ties is easily to your wider home décor, as well as the rest of your Christmas decorations.  Best of all, they make no noise, so you’ll be happy to welcome them into your home.




Pop! Who wants Champagne? OK, it’s not strictly a Christmas-only must-have, but entertaining this Christmas in the hot Australian climate means keeping your drinks cold. 

Pop in the festive season by keeping your best bottles of bubbles chilled in style with this double walled white and steel champagne bucket.  The bucket is 21cm by 24cm and has ample room for that special bottle your been saving for this season.  Bottoms up!


Create An Unforgettable Christmas Aesthetic with These Incredible Decoration Options!

With our Christmas decorations for 2021, you have everything you need to decorate your home in style.

With everything from gorgeous Christmas table settings, to stunning indoor decorations for Christmas, your home will bring the festive vibe you’ve always wanted it to.

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